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Introducing the Game Boy Hard Drive!

Go ultra portable and ultra geeky with this Game Boy handheld videogame system, which has been recycled into a USB3 hard drive.

This drive features a Toshiba HDD, and is 100% powered by the USB cable: No need to plug it in! USB Cable included with every hard drive.

This price is for a 500GB drive. Use the dropdown on the upper right to select a different size.

Please be aware, these systems will not be in perfect condition. They were typically owned and played by kids, so you should expect scratches on the screen and body. There also may be some discoloration to the plastic, this is typical for these systems. It will be thoroughly cleaned prior to shipping.

Domestic shipping is through USPS Priority Mail, which includes tracking. International shipping is through USPS Priority Mail, and includes tracking and insurance. Since all parts are custom ordered, please allow 5 to 7 business days for shipping. Contact us today for a quote and a custom order!
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